Más pesado que el cielo

Del libro Heavier Than Heaven, A Biography of Kurt Cobain, de Charles R. Cross. Un gran trabajo.

The band still had a long way to go. The day after Lamefest, the group stepped in as a last-minute replacement for Cat Butt for a gig in Portland. Along for the ride was eighteen-year-old Rob Kader, a fan who was at every one of their shows, and Kader let the band in joyously singing the theme song from “The Brady Bunch” on the van ride down. But when they arrived at the gig, only twelve people had purchased tickets, all of them Cat Butt fans. Kurt made a last-minute decision to forgo a set list and announced to Kader: “We’re just going to ask you what you want to hear, and then we’ll play that.” As each tune wound down, Kurt would walk to the edge of the stage and point at Kader, who would shout out the next number. Other than Kader –who was in his glory- the rest of the audience gave the band a cold response, except on one KISS song, “Do You Love Me?,” which Nirvana had recently recorded for a covers album, and which Kader wisely requested.

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